A Guide to Wine Tasting in the Mosel Valley: Starting in Koblenz

Nestled against the Rhine River lies the German city of Koblenz, your gateway to exploring the inviting wine region of the Mosel Valley. Koblenz offers a blend of Roman roots, medieval charm, varied architecture and lively pubs, making it the perfect place to start your Mosel wine tasting adventure before heading into the nearby vineyards.

Begin by wandering picturesque Koblenz and exploring its churches, castles and riverside cafés for a taste of local flavor. Climb to Ehrenbreitstein Fortress towering over the Rhine for panoramic valley views and enjoy hiking nearby hillside trails lined with vineyards. Sample Koblenz’s local wines made from grapes grown just outside the city. End your first day indulging in traditional German fare like schnitzel paired with crisp Rieslings and fruity Spätburgunders at local restaurants and biergartens.

Once you’ve had a small taste of Koblenz, head east driving along the Mosel into the heart of wine country. Stop in the postcard-perfect towns of Cochem for its medieval Reichsburg Castle, vibrant squares and Riesling-focused wineries. Continue on to Beilstein boasting ruins of Meternich Castle and dark, honeyed Traminer wines. End your day in quirky Zell, tucked along the vine-blanketed shores and home to top cozy vineyards like Carl Loewen and Markus Molitor.

Further upstream sits Bernkastel-Kues, a historic jewel brimming with half-timber houses in Market Square. Sip exceptional Rieslings at boutique vineyards Dr. Fischer, Karl Erbes and Witwe Dr. H. Thanisch – Erben Muller Burggraef along steep hills off the riverside town. Nearby hilltop Burg Landshut offers spectacular valley panoramas as you sample full-bodied Pinot Noirs. Before leaving, grab a bite in Bernkastel’s atmospheric wine taverns and pubs.

No Mosel wine experience is complete without a visit to Traben-Trarbach, an elegant waterside town hailed for its remarkable wines. Taste richly sweet and tangy Rieslings around the understated Brückentor Bridge. Sample aromatic wines at historic Jakoby-Mathy’s Gartelmann along narrow streets under glowing lanterns. Traben’s fresher style contrasts Trarbach’s sweeter predilection, with top estates to try in both. End your day at one of Traben-Trarbach’s weinstubes to pair regional wines with fine local cuisine.

Further along, quaint Piesport tempts with delicate Ruwer Valley vintages and breathtaking views from its steep vineyards located at some of Europe’s northernmost wine-growing sites. Absorb the scenery from Romantic Era Reichestein Castle then get your Riesling fix at Vereinigte Hospitien estate, stem ware in hand overlooking the Mosel’s grandest stretch. Complete your tour traveling back down through Beilstein and Cochem, soaking up final vistas of the vine-blanketed valley.

Whether a budding wine enthusiast or seasoned connoisseur, Koblenz and the Mosel Valley offer an ideal wine tasting escape steeped in history, natural beauty and world-class Rieslings. So let your journey into German wine excellence start by the Rhine and Mosel rivers meeting at Koblenz, gateway to the vineyards.